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Saravana Kumar
Vinod Kumar

10. ResourceDB Location changes !!!
As we work with SQL Server 2005 the concept of using system objects shifted from the traditional MASTER database to an hidden READONLY database called as RESOURCEDB. We have already discussed briefly about ResourceDB in a different article. In this tip, we will try to bring out some of the changes that happened post SQL Server 2008 release to this internal database
Posted On : Dec 22, 2009 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

9. Batching DML Operation in SQL Server
In this article we will see how we can perform DML operation in Batches in SQL Server.
Posted On : October 01, 2004 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

8. How to Multiply Column Values in SQL Server
We had a recent discussion on the public newsgroups on how to get this requirement in a single statement without using T-SQL. I was indeed taken by surprise how this requirement was answered by fellow MVP's. Infact there is a solution even though no so elegant, but works great having said what the requirement looks.
Posted On : September 06, 2004 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

7. Finding Object Definition in SQL Server 2005
This tip will show how you can find the definition of system stored procedures. I introduce the new command to be used hereafter in Yukon.
Posted On : August 21, 2004 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

6. SQL Query Analyzer Shortcut Keys
Learn the shortcut keys available in SQL Server 2000 Query Analyzer tool. Most of the keys are of immediate relevance and use to all.
Posted On : November 17, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

5. Getting Preferred Address Problem
This is a trick that I saw at the SQL Server public Newsgroup. The solution was given by Steve Kass. I feel this is one of the common requirement and the solution is indeed unique and creative. The problem is to find the most appropriate address applicable for a person from the DB desgign given.
Posted On : September 13, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

4. Forming a comma Separated String in SQL Server 2000
There are hundreds of T-SQL requirements that lead to innovative and faster coding practices. But the requirement in the industries keep on increasing. Here is one such requirement that I ve been asked by many peers.
Posted On : May - 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

3. How to find CD Key and MDAC Version in SQL Server
How can I find the CD Key for the installed SQL Server from isqlw.
Posted On : July - 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

2. Get Directory Browsing from SQL
Is it possible to browse your SQL Server from the ISQLW window? Here are some ways you can do the same.
Posted On : June - 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

1. Get the number of days in a month
There are hundreds of ways by which in SQL we can get number of days in a given month. Here are some of the ways you can adopt.
Posted On : May - 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

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