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Saravana Kumar
Vinod Kumar

17. DAC - Dedicated Admin Connection in SQL Server 2005
In mids of loads of new features introduced in SQL Server 2005, this is one feature that interests the DBAs the most. If you work with large number of servers and large number of databases you might want to have immense control the way you monitor and maintain SQL Server instances. In the past I have seen times when people say the server has frozen and I am not able to connect. To eliminate such problems - Welcome SQL Server 2005 - DAC
Posted On : April 13, 2005 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

16. Accessing FOR XML Output in SQL Server
I was fascinated with the amount of features that SQL Server 2005 brought wrt to XML datatype and related features. In exploration into the same has been my latest work. And you get to see some of the interesting works on the same. This is a very common requirement that I felt is worth documenting too. In the present SQL Server 2000 world if we were to take the output of a FOR XML into a variable, it is next to impossible. In this article we will take a close look at this requirement.
Posted On : September 01, 2004 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

15. Finding XML system objects in SQL Server 2005
Having played with a couple of examples with XML features in Yukon, you might be interested to know where can I find the association of XML Schemas to the XML Datatype. In this FAQ section we will look at the tables that govern behind the scenes these values. It is to be understood that SQL Server fundamentally is a relational engine. Even though introducing XML structures to the database column has not removed its fundamental strength of looking them as relational structure. In this article we take a close look at some of the XML related system tables and their importance.
Posted On : August 30, 2004 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

14. Where to Store images?
This is a common question in the minds of architects who design systems. Often the route taken in not realized and performance penalties are large when storing images in database. In this article I'll walk through some of the performance implications in using the same.
Posted On : July 13, 2004 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

13. Emumerate all Startup Scripts configured in SQL Server 2000
This script allows you to find all the Start-up scripts that are configured for the given server. A useful script to have for DBA activities.
Posted On : October 10, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

12. Enabling Performance Counters in SQL Server 2000
This is a conversation I was involved in a newsgroup thread. This FAQ addresses the problem where the SQL Server Performance counters are missing and how we can go ahead enabling the same.
Posted On : Oct 01, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

11. How to identify Performance Bottlenecks
In this FAQ we cover how you can trouble shoot performance bottlenecks in SQL Server. Create your own Trace template and use them to troubleshoot slow performing queries.
Posted On : Sep 06, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

10. List all available DTS Packages using VB .NET
Learn how you can enumerate all the available DTS packages on a SQL Server using VB .NET.
Posted On : Sep 05, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

9. How can I construct the IIF command in SQL Server
Find how you can construct the IIF command or the famous Oracle DECODE command functionality in SQL Server 2000.
Posted On : August 05, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

8. Cache Hit Ratio
What is a acceptable value of cache hit ratio and how can I derive useful information from this counter.
Posted On : August 05, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

7. SQL Server SP3 or SP3a
Understand what is the difference between both these releases made by MS for SQL Server 2000.
Posted On : August 05, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

6. Can I install SQL Server on Windows 2003
This is one of the common questions asked now-a-days as the next generation of servers are getting released into the market. Learn more about this requirement and if this is possible.
Posted On : August 02, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

5. How can I List servers on the network
Look at this simple code snippet that you can use to list all the servers on the network.
Posted On : July, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

4. Oracle Instance Vs SQL Instance
If I have my machine named as Anil. And I install SQL Server 2k on my machine with a instance name called ANIL\ANILSQL for SQL2k,and same for Oracle 9i ORAHOME\ANILSQL ... Indeed a nice question ...
Posted On : June 11, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

3. How can I drop a table on the linked Server
This is a typical requirement wherein you need to drop a table in a linked server. And when you do this in the normal way you would get an security error. Look at this code snippet that allows you do the same.
Posted On : July, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

2. How can I List all the SQL Servers on the network programatically in .NET ?
This is an addendum to the osql FAQ posted. But here we go a step further and find out how we can script the different servers on the network using the SQLDMO.
Posted On : June, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

1. What are these _WA_SYS_ ...
More often you can see that DBAs are confused when they query the sysindexes table. They find tons and tons of indexes with _WA_SYS_ ... named indexes. Donot worrk these are just statistics and we take a closer look them.
Posted On : June, 2003 More... Author : Vinod Kumar

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